The Quality Policy of Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd is the cornerstone for achieving the objectives of the Company. It remains stable while the Quality Management System is based on this and can result to its amendment, according to the Company's needs.

Quality objectives of the Company are:
    Continue to provide immediate and effective, integrated solutions to the agency calls that we undertake.
    To make every effort to keep customers always satisfied.
    To only perform works for which we are well trained.
    To work closely with our suppliers and providers to ensure the best possible outcome for our company and our customers.
    To correct the problems that arise and to monitor in order to prevent recurrence.
    To constantly improve the working procedures and working methods for the benefit of our customers and company.
    To monitor and contribute to the safety of ships and ports, cooperating with the authorities and customers in strict compliance with international regulations and provisions.

The company's management is committed to continue:
    To achieve the above mentioned objectives.
    To Care to provide constantly:
    Staff with advanced trainining
    Excellent organization
    Suitable equipment

In achieving the above, the Quality Management System Standard EN ISO 9001 which Mylaki Shipping Agency Ltd follows for more than 20 years, contributes decisively.

All employees are responsible to cooperate for serving and ensure the Company's commitment to QUALITY. The efforts for continuous improvement of the quality are constant and the results are measurable.

Finally, the Administration shall ensure that the Quality Policy is always known and understood by staff through continuous updating, conducting internal audits and reviews of the System.

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